Card Enhancement Products

In order to provide a complete all around service to card manufacturers, Alchemy Plastics Inc. now offers overlay with magnetic stripe for both off-set and digital printing. Our technology allows for a complete customization for all sheet sizes and customer needs. Alchemy Plastics Inc. can fit any format and thickness due to the ample variety of substrates and the ability to position magnetic stripe to customerís specifications.

Our state of the art facility and experienced technicians are our most important tool, all working together to achieve the ultimate goal: a proven high quality product and constant innovations for the card manufacturer. Our commitment to quality is paramount; this is why our company performs all the necessary testing in house, allowing us to have absolute confidence in our products.

Our research and development departments are always working on the new innovative ways to give your card a unique style and great performance.

Alchemy Plastics Inc.ís strong sales team provides excellent customer service and support to our domestic clients as well as international. Our representatives work in many regions, in multiple countries such as Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Pre-Striped Overlay

Our Pre-Striped overlay is made with the highest quality magnetic bands and we offer custom widths and coercivity according to your needs. This product is offered uncoated or coated with a solvent or water based finish. Overlay with magnetic stripe is manufactured to the customer specifications such as various thicknesses and sizes....more

Foil Core Stock

Foil Core Stock is a printable PVC sheet laminated with holographic or metalized foil for a unique look to your full-face foil cards. Sheets are cut to customerís specifications for easy use.

This product is available in the following designs Silver, Rainbow Silver, Gold, Rainbow Gold, Brushed Silver, Stardust and Sparkle...more


This innovative product has the capability of giving your cards a marble or 3-D effect. Sheets are cut to customerís specifications and are available in black, white and clear for transparent cards...more


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