This program is intended to avoid production down time and loss of income due to the following issues:

  • Equipment failure.

  • Unexpected lead times.

  • Unexpected work overflows.
Contact your sales representative for more information.

  • Inventory Management

  • Alchemy Plastics, Inc. Inventory Management Program. Our team of expert will Efficiently and accurately oversee the constant flow of material in order to prevent dwindling or overstock of inventory that could put your production capabilities in jeopardy. This program is also implemented to relief you of the burden of cost associated with inventory storage as well as cost of tax generated by the cumulative value of excess inventory.

  • Import/Export Logistics

  • Laboratory

  • Our state of the art laboratory is a very important tool for our clients, providing them with peace of mind and assurance of the quality of our products. We also provide services to card manufacturers in the event that issues with finish cards is presented by end users. As a consumable suppliers is our obligation to support our clients from end to end.

    • API Technical Test Capabilities - (per ISO/IEC 7810-2003; 10373-2:2003; 7811-2:2003; 7811-6:2008 and 7811-8:2008 criteria)

    • Magnetic stripe test equipment and analysis

    • Barnes Magnetic Tester

    • Magtek Inspect 9000

    • Card ISO Peal / Bond Evaluation

    • Chatillon MTCL-100



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