Pre-Striped Overlay for Conventional and Digital Printing

In order to provide a complete all around service to card manufacturers, Alchemy Plastics Inc. offers overlay with magnetic stripe for both off-set and digital printing. Our technology allows for a complete customization for all sheet sizes and customer’s needs. Alchemy Plastics Inc. can fit any format and thickness thanks to the ample variety of substrate and the ability to position magnetic stripe to customer’s specifications.

pre-striped overlay pre-striped overlay
  • • Produced to the customer's specifications, high quality pre-striped magnetic overlay is available for various lamination processes
  • • Provides easier application of mag stripe and lamination to the core stock all in one efficient step; reduces cost and time used in production stages
  • • Overlay thickness : 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 125 , 200, 300 micron
  • • Magnetic stripe coercivity: Low Coercivity-300 Oe, Medium Coercivity-650 Oe, High Coercivity-2750 Oe & 4000 Oe
  • • Magnetic tape width: 2 track (8.4 mm) and 3 track (12.7mm) available on Lo-Co, Mid-Co and Hi-Co. Available in colors such as black, blue, green, red, silver, gold, and holographic (2750 Oe)
  • • Applicable to the surface of a core stock such as: PVC, PETG, PAPER, PET and Polycarbonate
  • • Formats available: produced to customer's request. The mobility of the stamping disks makes it possible for a variety of formats and positions of the magnetic tapes
  • • Raw material: conforms to ISO and ANSI standards


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