About Us

Alchemy Plastics has been a global pioneer in the digital plastic print market space since 2006. From the development and application of PVC coatings and laminates to designing personalization software for in-line printing, Alchemy Plastics has the expertise to support your business initiatives. Today, we support the digital and offset print markets with core and overlay materials as well as magnetic banding and smart card components.

In late 2014 Alchemy Plastics introduced an overlay specifically designed for the U.S. high speed off-set and digital card printing market through a partnership with a global film and coating company. The product has been received with much success and we hope to expand the market base in 2015.

Alchemy Plastics is headquartered in Denver, CO and has a production facility in Tucson, AZ with sales and distribution in South America and Europe.


Christopher Molke

CEO & Founder

Prior to founding Alchemy Plastics, Inc., Christopher Molke was a Director of new products for Vancouver-based PMC-Sierra...more

Our Team

Michael W Laycock – General Manager of Operations

Mike brings over 18 years of experience in the magnetic overlay striping business, assistance in Research and Development for new customer products and technical support for ISO/IEC magnetic and card manufacturing criteria...more

Megan Bade-Evans – Design Consultant

As an experienced and knowledgeable graphic designer with over 10 years in the industry of design...more




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