Magnetic Band

Alchemy Plastics Inc. provides high quality hot stamp magnetic band. Our state of the art laboratory equipment and over 25 years of experience in the magnetic band field give us the ability to provide all our customers with the best technical assistance and customer service. Even when you are not sure of your application requirements, Alchemy Plastics, Inc. staff will ensure you have the right product to tackle any project along with the peace of mind that you have professionals working by your side.
Magnetic band available on the following coercivities:

  • Hi-Co 2750 oe.
  • Hi-Co 4000 oe.
  • Med-Co 650 oe.
  • Lo-Co 300 oe.

Standard widths:

  • 8.4mm / .330"
  • 11.2mm / .440"
  • 12.7mm / .500"
  • Other widths available upon request
  • Color and custom magnetic bands are also available on request.


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