magnetic stripe

Magnetic Stripe and Card Printer Encoder

At Alchemy Plastics we specialize in plastic card personalization and printing. Plastic Card personalization includes not only the Plastic Card printing of Names, Numbers, Dates and barcodes, but also a magnetic stripe. The magnetic stripe and the encoding of that magnetic stripe for both limited use and high volume can be a key to provide the data for analytics behind your program.

Turnkey Plastic Card Personalization

At Alchemy Plastics we will not only secure the Magnetic Stripe to your Plastic card, we will deliver a turnkey key card printer and encoder of that magnetic strip along with personalization of matching Drop on Demand printing. Our unique ability to deliver a magnetic stripe and encoding of that magnetic stripe in extremely high volumes is what differentiates us from the competition. We can handle plastic cards and the inclusion of a magnetic stripe of almost any shape and size allowing you to personalize your, loyalty cards, membership cards, insurances cards and gift cards beyond the image.

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